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Peak Mental Health Counseling LLC

Welcome to Peak Mental Health Counseling, a compassionate and holistic mental healthcare practice that provides individuals and couples with culturally sensitive, inclusive, and affirming psychological services. Whether you're navigating infertility, considering family-building options, or seeking emotional support during life’s many transitions, we aim to empower our clients to cultivate self-awareness and compassion, leading to lasting positive changes in their lives.

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Gay Couple with their Daughter

Intended Parent Psychoeducational Consultations

To better support intended parent(s) participating in collaborative reproduction, ASRM recommends psychoeducational consultations. Our therapists are uniquely qualified to provide this support to individuals considering advanced reproductive technologies (ART), gamete donation, and/or gestational surrogacy to form their families.

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Individual and Couples Counseling

Our practice approaches therapy by incorporating mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and traditional talk therapy. Combining these approaches allows our clients to create adaptive coping strategies for managing stress and anxiety and improving communication.

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Psychological Evaluations for Gamete Donors and Gestational Carrier Candidates

Psychological evaluations play a crucial role in assessing an individual's readiness to engage in third-party reproduction. Our dedicated clinicians prioritize creating a comfortable and supportive environment, enabling potential donors and gestational carriers to openly explore their emotions and considerations regarding the process.

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