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Peak Mental Health Counseling 

It takes a lot of courage to seek counseling, and we want to thank you for considering Peak to support you through this transformative journey. Our experienced clinicians provide individually tailored therapy and are skilled in working with people through difficult periods of transition, family-building struggles, anxiety, grief/loss, and more. Our goal is to provide a non-judgmental space where clients can safely reflect on their past while moving towards progress for their future. Life is filled with many transitions; we are passionate about helping people grow and flourish during these uncertain and often challenging times. All of the therapists at Peak are LGBTQIAA+ affirming.


Michelle Duchin, LCSW


Michelle's career began at one of New York City's top-rated infertility clinics, where she screened egg donor candidates and provided psychoeducational support to intended parents. She later developed and implemented their Embryo Donation and Fertility Preservation (Egg Freezing) programs. Michelle's expertise is working with individuals and couples undergoing infertility treatments. However, she also has the experience and welcomes the opportunity to work with donor-conceived individuals. Additionally, Michelle enjoys working with other healthcare professionals and folks who work in fast-paced environments. She is the on-site staff counselor for Boston Consulting Group in Chicago and facilitates corporate wellness trainings to enhance mental health and well-being. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Hebrew from Indiana University and a Master's Degree in Social Work from New York University.

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Alicia Denefe, LCPC


Alicia’s interest in counseling stemmed from her own personal experience with infertility and adoption. Before working in private practice, Alicia provided counseling and support to individuals and couples using third-party reproductive technology or adoption to build their families. She has also worked with individuals coping with perinatal mood disorders such as postpartum depression and anxiety. Additionally, Alicia has a strong interest in helping folks with navigating life transitions, parenting, aging, chronic illness, and loss. Alicia received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Notre Dame and Master’s Degree in Human Services Counseling from National Louis University.  She also has an MBA from Loyola University.


Jennifer Wolf, LCSW


Personal experiences with grief and loss led to Jennifer's interest in the social services field. Her career began providing case management for adults with developmental disabilities and their families before shifting into behavioral health, where she worked with adults with chronic mental illness. In her early twenties, Jennifer learned of a friend's struggle with infertility, which inspired her to learn more about egg donation. She completed two cycles as an egg donor and then began working in the field of third-party reproduction. Her clinical experience has included case management, conducting psychosocial assessments, and facilitating support groups for gestational carriers. Jennifer received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from DePaul University and a Master's Degree in Social Work from UIC, Jane Addams College of Social Work.

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Fertility Egg Freezing

Third-Party Psychoeducational Consultations

Infertility clinics often recommend psychoeducational consultations for intended parent(s) taking part in collaborative reproduction or adoption. Our therapists are uniquely qualified to support individuals and couples considering or who have built their families through advanced reproductive technologies (ART), egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, gestational surrogacy, and adoption.

Virtual Therapy

Telehealth makes it easier and more convenient for clients to access care from the comfort of their own space. Social distancing does not mean you have to be alone. We are here to help. We accept most major insurance plans and can verify your benefits.

Virtual Conference
Gyan Mudra

Mindfulness and CBT

Incorporating mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with traditional talk therapy allows clients to create more adaptive coping strategies for managing stress and anxiety. We believe that, through yoga, breath work, and contemplative practice, clients are able to uncover the tools they likely already possess to achieve peace and commitment.


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