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Third-Party Consultations

Psychoeducational consultations for intended parents and psychological assessments for donor gametes and surrogates are recommended by ASRM as crucial steps in the family building process. Our qualified therapists are eager to provide a space where participants can safely explore their questions and ensure they feel emotionally prepared to move forward on this journey. Pricing includes a letter of recommendation sent directly to the infertility clinic.

Gestational Carriers (GC)


Ninety-minute clinical interview with the gestational carrier candidate and her partner (if applicable).

Donor Gametes (DG)


One-hour clinical interview with donor gamete (egg, sperm, or embryo) candidate and written report sent directly to fertility clinic, attorney, and/or agency.

Intended Parent Psychoeducational Consultation


The intended parent(s) will use a donor gamete or gestational carrier to build their family. Meetings typically last up to an hour.

Intended Parent Consultation for ED + GC


The intended parent(s) will use a donor gamete AND gestational carrier to build their family. Meetings typically last up to ninety minutes

Cohort Meeting 


Meeting facilitated between the GC/DG and intended parent(s). Appointments can last up to one hour.

Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI)


Psychological tool to assess for clinical psychopathology. Conducted online and can last up to one hour. 

Independent Matches - IP(s) working with their own carrier or donor (not using an agency)

$1100 - $1400

Independent Matches require three appointments per ASRM Guideline:

  • 1 psychoeducational consultation for IP(s)

  • 1 psychological evaluation for the donor/surrogate

  • 1 cohort meeting with all parties to process and synthesize information discussed in the individual sessions

**Insurance is not accepted for consultations since this is a one-time psychoeducational consultation regarding the use of third-party reproduction. Fees are non-negotiable.**

Third-Party Psych Consults: Services
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